let the photo tell u guys everything.

forgive mustaqqim for taking a terrible kind of picca.

goodbye ioi. thanx for the day girls. gonna miss u guys a lot.
and for those who met us there. we ask for a lot of forgiveness for not entertain u guys because we're still in decision no 'guys' for a day. kerana ikut perjanjian this is girl's only. boys are not allowed. hah! gitu.... sedangkan dalam cinema jiran pun boys, abg pizza's boys, abg kedai 'fresh' ape tu boy, and tukang snap picca last pun boy. apakah2. hehehehe... malaysia kan!
more photo, facebook guys!
next post will be more exciting. cupcake's for engagement ceremony season. great excellent enough kan? ya we know! see u fatin and fatin's mother. :D