hyep people. !
sudah long2 time x mengblogging..

a bad story happen..
we're not seem to be a good communty now.!~
we keep fighting and crying alone.
i just donno wht make this stupid stuff happen.
huda : maybe tekanan spm.!
tin2 : wht she say hah? i forgot already lah!
raziq : weh! korank jom pindah skolah r.!
fiza : stuju r dgn raziq !
and i just sat there and listen all of wht they trying to say..
as a person.i'm sure all of us done a mistake.
so wht can we do? marah2 all the time? hellO! we're not an angel tht perfect..
all the time make evryone happy, and seem too be happy too..
we're not tht !

and now !
maybe a perfect time to end this story..
this blog.and evrything! we seem to be busy with ours sendiri pnye hal till xdek time utk say hai ..
so .. i need to talk to all of u.. let me know. wht actully menyerang all of us?
'piglet' flu?dengue?chickenpox? or wht?
please ! i'm begging to stop this nonsense...

tin2 i think ., this time to delete this blog ?
coz there's no more story to publish.. rite? n i think.....?? i just donno wht to think anymore ..
my mind is full. memory full !
enough said.! tutup mulut..

the leader
julieto diamo !