by : nazrul. (cousin kepada syafira ye!)

Note : Love like thunder.

The road was dark and i could see where i was heading. Suddenly a ghost appeared and i screamed with all my might. "HEY JERi! STOP IT! don't embarass yourself.", a voice came from my back and i felt relieved it was her. "iCy, i've told you before right? i'm AFRAID of ghost! next time, don't make me enter this haunted house again." i said to her. She smiled and held my hand. It makes me warm and i like to see her smile. iCy juliete force me to end the journey although i am just scared to death. And we get out, my face as pale but iCy just laugh at my expression.
"haha, hey JERi, come on! Don't make me making fuss over you. Don't be a chicken." then, we wnet for a merry-go-round and roller coaster ride. That night was filled with laughter. I looked at the sky and it was dark. I could not see the moon and it looked like it was foing to rain. But i must do it now. Tonight is my last chance. because after this i will fly to Japan to further my study. I must say i love her.
Suddenl my cheeck was pinched and i'm awake from my imagination. " you look tired. maybe we should go home now," iCy seems to detect my fatigue. When we were walking home, she just can't stop talking about our past. She is my bestfriend. Her father was nice to me and i like them too. it's like a day or two since i met her in my life but starting from tommorow i'll just left her alone. MAybe she'll find another man better than me.
"iCy...", i stopped her.
it was a good spot. we were At the centre of desolated garden with old church behind us decorated with wild flowers.
" tell her!" my heart shouted.
"don't tell her!", my brain then said. it was like a fight between heart and brain when suddenly iCy juliete talk. "yes! JERi? is there something you wanna let me know?"
then the fight continue, "there's the sign! GO for it dude."
"no! don't she is your bestfriend. remember?"
"hey mr brain, it's not you who love her. shut it!"
"i'm his organ. i have right to advice him!"
i tried to say something but i stop. "what joe jericho? just tell me." iCy said. Then i reply, " urm, nothing. i just wanna ask about your hair. i mean it was beautiful!" she look straight to my eyes. i felt uncomfort so i said, "yeah, it is."
"you're lying.." iCy said.
"WHAT?" i reply.
"i said, i know that you are lying to me. just tell the truth" i had no choice so i spit it out.
"it's just... will.." i stop and close my eyes. Then i speak it out loud.
"and i hope i can be a man who protect you till death do us apart!" i breath heavily. i stand there for an answer like a prisoners waiting for death. She looked shocked her face blushed but remained silent. i was totally scared.

it is a thunder. iCy was very shocked and she becomes as pale as ghost. she burst into tears. then there was another thunder. and she run into the white old church.
her silver ring fell to the ground . i tool it and quickly rush to catch her.i got onto the church. it was an old church and need a lot of maintanance.i heard a sob. i know it was from iCy but i just don't know from where it came from. i began searching for her. And i found her. She was hiding in a cupboard. i leaned to the cupboard and said,
"iCy juliete, may i know your answer? i mean , the answer for the proposal." ut she remained silent. "am i not the one for you? just say it. i'm ready if you said NO" i could not bear the feeling of losing her. So, i opened up the cupboard and there , i saw her. Crying, Sobbing helplessly. i approached her ad say,
" iCy? Are you oke?"

..BAM! PRANG!!...

the thunder strikes again. iCy half jumping, grasp my hand . Holding it tightly. Her hand was cold. She as in huge terror. My heart beats hardly. How selfish i am. Still gonna hear the answer although she needs help the most. i'm ashamed of my selfishness. but now i know, iCy is afraid of THUNDER.
So i get into the cupboard too. "it's oke. i'm here. Hold my hand tight and i hope it will warm you. if the thunder strike i will protect you. you can count on me. Just don't cry eh!" she looks defenceless. i must help her. but in my heart, it was like a war.
i swept the tears from her cheek and said, " if this cupboard can protect you, i'm jelous of it!" she looked at me. with her teary eyes.
i said, "So, let me be with you in this cupboard until the rain over!" she smiled and said,
"JEri about the answer..." my heart pound loudly. She is giving the answer!
"YES! I do"
i felt like an immortal. Nothing can hurt me that time. Then i sit next to her and i said, " i love you!" she smiled. we wait for the rain to stop. Then, as the rain stopped, i try to awake her. but i stop when i saw she is sleeping on my shoulder. She must be exhaust. so, i wanna took advantage of this. i face her gently and there, our lips get together. And there goes my first kiss to my first love.
Now, i'm packing my bags in my hotel. in 10 hours i will go back to my beloved country. Although Japan is beautiful and making me want to stay longer, but i can't. Someone is waiting for me. i hold her silver ring tightly in my hand. it is the proof of our loVE. iCy juliete, I Love yOU..... ~