okeh.. !
i'm ready untuk bercerita..
we're in holiday mood actualy,
but we've our extraclass for whole weeks..
oh tidak actualy just for 4 days..
plus tomorrow..

isnin : (what happened yek??!)
hah.. ! not all students came for that weird
subject.., math and bm.. !
math : fine!
bm : everyone almost zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

selasa : erm..as usual..
class start 8 somthink but kan
we masuk class about 9 somethink.. !
sungguh malas..
addmaths n sejarah.. !
addmath : kira fine lah.. !
adelah dalam 26 person..
but.. !
after rehat., evryone blah.. !
nobody like n sronok jumpe mamma mia tau.. !~
except KATHELLINE! ( i guess nmenye like that!)
erm.. our nabilothman show us his magic.. !
..magic ke??
yela okeh lah..
not bad.., magician lah konon.. ~
whatevr dear>

rabu : physics n chemstry.. !
physic..., donno what to say.. !
chemistry.....,,,,,, OMG !
evryone almost pitam.. !
chemical equation n whatsoever.. ~

tomorrow....just wait n see..
somethink kebabom will happen.. !!!!
serious dowh.. ~

enough said.. ~
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz >

pic first..
i'm not in mood untuk
bercerita.. !
sorry.. ~

the magic.. !

nilam's rom.. !~

the sam..

don't worry i'll write something later.. !