okeh today..,
agak fine sikit when he say..
okeh faidhi u mmg sudah success make us as ur games. ~
littlebit tired damn gler2 pnye .. the.. wht happen tadi ya?..
hah ! the pameran pendidikan tinggi ! oh i've not return tht badge lagi. oh pn.raji i'm sorry for tht!
later lah ye.. n i need to claim tht wang lah for tht mineral. again i talking about m0ney. yush sya !stop it..

okeh for whole day i guess we keep wasting time dihall utk tht kempen.!
manifesto btol. hihi.
tht,itu,ini till mamma mia strt babble.
oh mereka !

.. the him yg lagi satu..
juz donno wht happen he sungguh angry with me? i'm just guessing coz for whole two days he never say hai. !
oh? wht's wrong with u sya? i sangat2 concern bout tht knpe?
eh ; ske hati lah. non of ur bussiness. xske? okeh fine look at tht atas kotak yang ade :
.... http://bulanindahsummerkami.blogspot.com/...
then write ah pape disitu n bleh jalan.
oh him !
wht's wrong with u? please lah xyah lah angry2 like this. don't be childish please..
i'm just trying to be so chariness lah konon kan..
the classs is to hebat kalau we xfighting2 like this. kinda.

nanti pnye hal
- the fiza birthday !
- ask wht happen to him? maybe i'll text him later .
- the homework tht never terhapus.
- the hangout? no2.. no more okeh !
-n tht's what i remember saat ini !

i want to sleep
i want to take a shower
i want to hit the dinding'
i want to do itu dan ini.
i want to ask him ...

enough lah!
nak jengok my ms.!
sudah rindu amat .
haha.. ya2 i miss someone la.. someone yg i call .. "dia".
oh i'm sick with tht ~
done !
bye2 .
c u!
i nak tido !
haha.. gtg eat2.. :)

the leader
julieto diamo !
oh. !
donno why n what happen.
the faidhi keep quiet n he not
say hai pun for us, !

i'm not a perfectionist .
i'm just a person just like others..
so for fadihi.
please let us know wht make
u angry ?
actually .
about wht?
about tht kunci, about tht trophy?
oh bbe !

maybe it's not too serious utk dipublishkan.,
but this wht happen today..
n i'm almost die over here !
oh i'm starving gler n i feel mau faint !

oh no no no....
i'm alone at home right now.,
so please ....

done !
enough said .~

the leader
julieto diamo !