thanks buat nab, faidhi, n adam yang sudi datang ..
swimming.. !
maybe pool dkt umah ni tak best macam kat putrajaya..
but at least ade.. !
whatye.. !:)
erm... some snap2 yesterday..
erm.. sorry for a late publish but......actually kan i baru je publish this blog.. !

erm.. some photo that day.. :)

as everybody know.. temenggong menang again that day.. !
for fourth time.. !:)

yup2.. we do a magic.. betullah.. tgk..
our polestrine tak jatuh.. !

sorry i tak tgkp gmbr time lari pown.. ! just selesai lari i baru snap2.. :)

erm.. today i start our blog.. !

a story about friends2.. teachers.. n segala2nye yang berkaitan dgn science2.. !
..ya2... !

this is... our story.. spe yang tak ske bleh blah.. (",)