babe!!u want to close this blog??what are u trying to do??

dont u ever do that!!

ala sye sdar la sye slalu ingkar arahan anda..slalu x nk publish post cpat2..x kan sbb tu smpai nk tutup2 plak!!tak kn da lupe kat our promise.."blog ni tak kan ditutup smpai ble2" this thing is just like our symbol of friendship rite??

our laught are limitless..

our memory are countless..

and our friendship is endless!!

bout the fighting2 issues..i think that is small matter saje..

am i rite??it's just like 'the adik-beradik' gak bak kate ckg  bm "carik2 bulu ayam lama2 bercantum juga" as same as "air dicincang tak kan putus"..but the ckg bi said ???? alamak i forgot to ask the teacher lah!!so ask ur self jelah!!but the crying2 issues erm i trase la lead!!haha..

maybe huda is right..and i agree with  her!!all of us sdg busy and tension2 bout everything happen in surrounding or bcoz the exam is just around the corner =? no one knows ape yg diorang rase rite now..

but sye  x agree lgsg dgn cdgn that raziq..and fiza also wlaupun sye tau yg dioramg just maen2!!babe,mane boleh lari dr problem!!

kan3??ko gak yg ckap yg kita sume ni HOT..huhu..i hope u all tak rase nk muntah dgr ayt2 sye okeh!!

who said that's no more story to publish??sntiase ade larr..sometimes thetintin saje je ckap "tak tahu nak tulis ape"..erm  isnin nnti pkul die kuat2 oke =p (sepak pon bleh gak)

the boyz && the girlz please take note..after this jgn ar fighting2 lg and ceria2 jela mcm sblm2 nie..x susah kan??just be ceria2 and jgn tension2!!

nape korang x nk hai2 kat the lead eyh??pelik la ngan korang2 ni..sjak ble plak segan ngan the lead plak ni??ade something ke yg tersurat & tersirat yg sye tak tahu??bg la tau tak yah la secret2 ngan sye..heee 8')

 watch out oke!!!

kesimpulannya,we want to close this blog or not??sye rase tak perlu lah!!who agree with we please put ur hand up!!tggi2 tau!!

erm vote jela bnyk2..x gne kredit pon..and dha pujuk la the lead yeah!! 

the lead please think 20-30 kali lagi k!!!!please fikir2kan what i am trying to say..

and for others sory if korang terasa ape yg sye post kali nie..i just want this thing settle saje =)

yg e-class!!


~especially for the hero && heroin of this blog!!!

**anda dikehendaki utk vote our new poll A.S.A.P before the contributor2 make their decision oke..

*sebaik2nya bg tau knp korang setuju atau tak!!!

ur coorperate in need rite now =) THANX A LOT!!

 thetintin ='[