hyeep people.. !

everybody in smkpu now busy with
their books n revision and all about study, exam n A1.. ~

oh damn.. ! i hate exam, n huda.. ! we both in same phase.. hate about study n exam..
juz love joke n laugh, laugh n laugh again.. ! oh babe i luv u lah.. !

next exam, erm.. maybe i should write our first test for 2009.<. ! yup2..
wednesday.. (ops ! sorry nabil i gaduh2 with u about timetable yesterday, oh whtever)
bm,bi n math.., !

almost 16 tahun i take an oxygen in dis sweet world,(oh am i serious with dis?) i never study tentng bm n bi before i amik exam.. i just take a sit, bismillah , n i conteng2 that paper with all nonsense yg terdampar in my mind.. !
oh congrats for me.. ! i never fail my bm n bi paper.. ! thanks god.. ! :) wahaihihih.. ! whtever.. !

ok for smkpu student, people, staff, canteen's uncle n aunty, teachers, cleaner n spe2 lah, gud luck untuk exam next day.. !
revision time.. !
oh noway.. !
huda.. ! jom ke sunway, skate.. !
bowl pun oryte..
ohho.., !