the others keep asking me the same thing. hei budak, bile kau nak update blog hah? oke i'm getting rimas now. and i'm ready for updating a little bit.
as u guys now, rabbani amin now at national service. and it was awesome to wish him gudluck for his botak season moment. and for those yang dah balik, i wish to see u guys dah nie. so let's make some noise guys... i nak ajak u all ramai2 memeriahkan ioi khamis ni. actully it's not a reunion i've mention before. reunion tu pun mcam dah xjadi dah. semua orang keep silent when i'm asking about the place, time and bout the entrance fee. it was totally freaking me, to plan something. and i hope u guys faham. kalau nak plan something, it's not all about the organiser. it's all about team work. kalau korank xnak reunion. oke fine, i get it.
perhaps u guys need some privacy without all the high school's memories? or without meet each other. oke, all the choices is up to u all, peeps.

sapa yang nak jumpe, jumpe cenggitu2 la ye. xyah la nak buat satu majlis grand2. because all of us still not hoping for that kind of reunion. baru berapa bulan xjumpe ape. lek kan.?

btw, i would like to congrats my ownself. i've won the deal. the deal's between three of us. faidhi, raziqin and i. addam is exactly in a right place. baru dua hari dah mula rimas coz xsmoke. ayoyo. apakah korank nieyh? so then, i'm not hoping for any rewards coz dari start deal tu pun i tau yang i akan menang. both of u memang xnak teruskan deal pun. i know that at the first place pun. it's not all about the rewards i make a deal to just konon2 nak bagi korank lupekan pasal cigarettes for about two couple of weeks je. tapi korank memang xleh pun. addam, now i realized it. :D

xpe addam xpe. aku lek je.
i'm getting extra excited untuk esok. jumpe esok korank2 tu. yang 'korank' tau. hehe., do miss u guys more..