all science too
boys n gurl2 ,
buzy with their exam paper..

math - everybody keep talk, talk n talk coz
we've to tanda pa1 student formtive.. ~
(oh gile mereka)
chemstry - teacher look happy 2day,..
maybe coz fatinhanani get highest mark kot.. maybe lah ~
bi - as usual evrybody almost sleep n fareez absolutely
love his sweet dream tadi.. ~ (OMG!)

and one thing that sungguh funny today,
they stole a table from 4sc1.. !
teacher must be proud with all of them
b'coz we never've a teacher's table.. !
oh mereka.. ~

but ske hatilah, right!
we've a right to get that table..
we're senior babe..
so don't worry next year sc1
student will have a new one..
so don't blame us.. !
it just a table..
bukan ape pown.. ~

~enough word.. ~