heyp2.. i'm onlining.in my own house'S living room.
oh i'm aLone. kakngah send ayah ke skpu mau amek nabira. kakak meet helmi. or whatsoever namenye tah.
adam called me just now.

oh my! he talked to me. wEll, actully he's getting busy maybe. because of tht , lme x tegur i. wt!
Dahla. i malas mau fikir. i'm give up. sangat ni.
dha2 my eyes getting reddish. just macam letak iodine dkt starch. haha. biology test.!~ coming soon.....
maybe i should say.. addmath first lah.. sbb ia mmg begitu. addmath isnin. and bilogy menyusul. oh ye! i langsung xopened my book for whole day. seriusly!
oh i'm getting lazy..

hah.! talk about addmath. i've success dgn jayanye mencari stuff untuk peka itu subjek.
yeeeeehhhaa ! congrats for myown self.! lagipun i find it with myself usaha. without anyoNe bantuan. betul.

tin2. i forgot to tell u yang i sangat mohon sorry coz my biology book itu mmg like tht.
little bit huru-hare! so take care about tht. buku. ~
for someoNE i call "RADIO BAI"
gudluck untuk ur new bloggie stuff. ! about song stuff. let me now anytime. god willing i'll help u later yah!
and for people.....

".......GOODLUCK untuk NEXT pAper"

the leader
julieto diamO!

Form 5 Add Math Project 2009 Form 5 Add Math Project 2009 muhammad0509 Additional mathematics project given task in 2009. Entitled as Circles In Our Daily Life
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i'm just try to be more memahami>!
so gud luck evryone!

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julieto diamo!